You get home from work one day and you find big black shiny snake in your lounge.

It’s huge, almost as long as a door!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Kill it, scream, run? These common reactions share the same root – fear. The Cape cobra (venomous) and the mole snake (nonvenomous) are superficially very similar but there are some subtle surface differences which you can learn in this video.

Save yourself some stress and empower yourself by learning how to identify a mole snake. And this one is massive!Now I know that we’ve discussed these two snakes quite extensively here and here. But there still seems to be a little confusion which I hope this video will clear up.

And this is one of the biggest mole snakes I’ve caught – it’s awesomely massive!!

How to Identify a Mole Snake (Video).

One thing that I forgot to mention is that there is a tendency for mole snakes like this to be misidentified for the black mamba.

For purposes of clarity:

  • Black mambas don’t occur in the Western Cape
  • Black mambas aren’t black. Their colour is also variable but is usually a slate grey. Rather, they get their name from the inky black colour from the inside of their coffin shaped head.

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