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Need a Snake Catcher in Cape Town?

Follow these steps:

  1. Inform people nearby
  2. Contact a trained snake handler
  3. Keep watch from a safe distance

Want to Identify a Snake in South Africa?

Follow these steps:

  1. Take photographs if possible
  2. If not, try to remember details (colour, length, behaviour)
  3. Get in touch (use the button below)

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Featured Snakes

Berg adder curled up on gravel

Berg Adder

An elusive dwarf adder not often seen.

Closeup of a male boomslang on a tree branch


A shy snake with impressive climbing ability.

Closeup of a Cape cobra spreading a small hood

Cape Cobra

A powerful snake known to spread a hood.


Mole snake closeup with tongue out

Mole Snake

A large and muscular non-venomous snake.

Puff adder closeup in defensive pose with tongue out

Puff Adder

One of the world’s top ambush predators. 

Closeup of a rinkhals snake with tongue out


A rare cobra-like snake that can spray venom.

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Seen a Snake? Here’s What to Do

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How to Identify a Puff Adder

How to Identify a Puff Adder

Learn How to Identify a Puff Adder with Ease If you have ever found yourself feeling confused when trying to identify a snake, then this video is for you! I use a live puff adder to demonstrate which physical characteristics can be used for quick and easy...

5 Reasons Why Getting Rid of Snakes is a BAD Idea

5 Reasons Why Getting Rid of Snakes is a BAD Idea

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