Amazing Boomslang Cape Town [Video]

by | Last updated Oct 31, 2020

Incredible Experience with a Boomslang in Cape Town

I caught a beautiful male boomslang in Cape Town close to Clifton 1st beach.

What happened next was amazing.

If you’ve ever wondered how quickly these snakes can move then you don’t want to miss this.

They really are a masterpiece of evolution.

See for yourself…

Boomslang (direct translation = tree snake) are generally placid and inoffensive snakes.

In fact, many people have lived with boomslang in their gardens and rooves for years without issues. This particular snake, while not striking once, was clearly a little distressed and very alert.

People commonly mistake this behaviour for aggression. But as you can clearly see in the video the snake is more interested in getting away from me than anything else.

And as it climbs to safety all that’s left is to watch in awe. 


Snake playing dead with a question mark over its head.

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