Identifying snakes can be tricky.cape-cobra

And although it is not recommended to interfere with any snake – it can sometimes be useful to know what you are dealing with if you come across one.

In Cape Town, two snakes that are commonly mistaken for the other, are the Cape cobra and the mole snake. This is because superficially they look very similar in both size, shape and colour.

The Cape cobra may also be mistaken for other venomous snakes such as the rinkhals and even the boomslang. However, there are some key differences and this is the focus of this video.

Here you will learn in three steps exactly which features you should look out for, when trying to figure out whether the snake that you’ve seen is a Cape cobra or not. You’ll also see how you can determine almost instantly if the snake is not a rinkhals, a puff adder or a boomslang.

Cape Cobra Identification Tips

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