How to Identify a Puff Adder

by | Last updated Nov 9, 2015

Learn How to Identify a Puff Adder with Ease

If you have ever found yourself feeling confused when trying to identify a snake, then this video is for you!

I use a live puff adder to demonstrate which physical characteristics can be used for quick and easy identification.

Interested? Watch this video and you’ll learn how to identify a puff adder like a pro with three simple steps.

Did you learn something? I hope so!

Although many people know a puff adder from sight due to its familiarity, I have found that some people still mix these snakes up with others like the berg adder.

But you won’t get mixed up anymore now right? Well maybe in the beginning. Just remember – triangular head and keeled scales – you know it’s an adder. Which adder can be worked out by looking at the body patterning. Puff adders have…

I’ll let you answer that in the comments section below!

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