Wow, this is almost unbelievable – self injecting snake venom!!?extracting snake-venom

This guy, Steve Ludwin,  has been injecting himself with various types of snake venom for over 20 years!

At first I felt totally against this, but after watching the video and seeing where Steve is coming from my feelings have changed a little.

He’s passionate, honest and realistic. He doesn’t pretend that he is invincible or act like he knows what he is doing.

On an intellectual and scientific level he doesn’t have a clue what these experiments are actually doing to him or his body but he has a knowledge gained from experience that very few can match.

Although I’d never even think of injecting snake venom myself, one starts to see that there may be some real benefits to the ‘work’ that Steve has been doing if he could be paired up with a good snake venom researcher.

Injecting yourself with snake venom…! Unbelievable?

You HAVE to watch this

(Heads up to sensitive viewers – there is some swearing in this video)

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Now that you have watched this interesting take on snake venom research…

What do you think – is this science or stupidity? Could what Steve is doing benefit science or are these simply cowboy antics that should be stopped?

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