Puff Adder Removal Video


This puff adder was caught in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, and released on Signal Hill.

The snake had made the wooden deck in the video its home. Everyday it would exit from underneath the stairs and sun itself on the tiles. The resident noticed the snake when it was about 20cm from his foot.

Initially we had hoped to capture the snake while it was charging its solar batteries but it was quick to retreat at the first sign of movement. Plan B – dismantle the wooden deck and haul it out.

Want to see this puff adder removal in action? It’s all in the video.

Now for your challenge: I’ve already told you that this is a puff adder – but how do you tell?

What three things about this snake would best describe why this is a puff adder?

Click here ===> for snake removal.

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