Fine Line Between Bravery and Stupidity

by | Sep 20, 2012

People who are passionate about snakes usually want to get as close to them as possible. We get drawn towards them, kind of like the pull some of us experience when standing at the edge of a cliff. The potential danger actually pulls us towards it. There is a sense of longing to step into that unknown world. But we don’t. Common sense and our survival instinct prevail. Bravery would be jumping off with a parachute, stupidity would be jumping without.

There is a phrase in the world of martial arts world known as Dojo Syndrome. New and untrained people take a few lessons in Muay Thai or hit a punching bag a few times and believe that they are now ready to fight. Their heads become inflated and they actively seek to prove their new-found karate kid skills. Usually, they pick on the wrong fight and get a hiding. Sometimes they do it just to show off to their friends and get lucky. Unfortunately whoever is on the receiving end is the one that suffers for the sake of this showboating.
Which brings me to this video.

He then takes the snake home and continues to harass the animal. Keep in mind that reptiles are sensitive to and are known to die from excessive stress.

I’d love to hear your comments (I’m not encouraging slander just constructive thought please), what do you think?


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